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Blood Ruby benefits from a combination of in-house talent and training in production, music, writing, and marketing. Thomas' degree in audio and visual production and his experience as an audio engineer are key to the band's overall sound. Both Cynthia and Margaret have undergone various degrees of training in voice, music, and music theory. Furthermore, Cynthia's education in literature and creative writing are evident in her seasoned lyrics and skilled songwriting, while her professional marketing, promotion, and public relations experience have given this Connecticut band international grassroots exposure. The band's collective music and business skills produce professional results with a DIY sensibility.

Band History

Thomas and Cynthia met online in early 2001. For over a year, they collaborated long distance on fledgling demo tracks, getting together once every few months to record. To evoke the rich, deep, shimmering, shadowy, multifaceted sound to which they aspired, they named the project after the most rare and valuable gem in the world, the blood ruby.

By early 2002, Blood Ruby had released several demo songs on a handful of online music sites. Cynthia launched the band's marketing campaign and began building the bloodruby.com website. Thomas moved to Connecticut to work more collaboratively on the music. In 2003, Cynthia's former bandmate, Margaret Browning, joined the band and the core creative lineup of Blood Ruby was finally complete. The band's sound evolved as the three began writing and recording new, more ambitious material.

In the few short years Blood Ruby has been in the public eye, they have amassed a diverse following of thousands of fans and friends from all over the world and of many different musical tastesódespite the lack of any official release. The band's songs have been played and downloaded tens of thousands of times, both on the bloodruby.com website and at nearly 50 other online music sites, where they have frequently attained chart status. Blood Ruby has also been featured on numerous internet radio broadcasts and podcasts, including live interviews and as featured artists.

As of this writing, the band is putting the finishing touches on recording its first full-length CD, Little Creatures, and is actively seeking a label or distributor through which to release it.

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