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Blood Ruby

Cynthia Conrad

"Light & Shadow"



About Cynthia Conrad

As the primary singer and lyricist for Blood Ruby, Cynthia Conrad combines her musical and literary talents to craft haunting melodies paired with lyrics full of evocative imagery and cinematic storytelling. While she typically writes vocals for music composed by her bandmates, her contributions occasionally include compositions of her own as well. One such composition is the song "Light & Shadow," which was made into a music video as part of Come Back Kate (Snow White Films, 2007), a Dutch documentary about the fan culture surrounding British singer/songwriter Kate Bush.

A lifelong fan of Kate, Cynthia was asked to talk onscreen about Kate's influence on her life and music. In her interview, Cynthia describes the qualities in Kate's music that resonate in her own work, and recounts the deeply personal tale of her battle with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. Cynthia's journey from death's door to near-remission is an inspirational tale of perseverance and hope, while her fan's-eye view of Kate's music reveals a glimpse of the "fantastic realm" of the listener's imagination.

The song "Light & Shadow," an advance single for Blood Ruby's forthcoming CD Little Creatures, is available as an MP3 in our store:

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