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Blood Ruby featured in the Acoustic Firework Records compilation, Floating Fire

Blood Ruby listed in Mick Mercer's new book, Music to Die For

Blood Ruby featured in the VURTuality compilation Experiment IV - Out of the Trees

Blood Ruby featured in the Snow White Films documentary, Come Back Kate
Blood Ruby's Album-Advance MP3, Light & Shadow, Now Available

"Light & Shadow"
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Blood Ruby Featured in Kate Bush Documentary

Blood Ruby was recently featured in a film called Come Back Kate (Snow White Films, 2007). The documentary, which aired on the Dutch television program Uur Van de Wolf, included an interview with singer Cynthia Conrad and a music video of Blood Ruby's "Light & Shadow," from their forthcoming CD, Little Creatures. Visit the Come Back Kate minisite to learn more.

Blood Ruby - Atmospheric Alternative Music

Blood Ruby creates atmospheric alternative music somewhere in the vein of dream pop, ethereal, and neoprogressive rock. The band's two subtly emotive female vocalists ply a range that spans from lyrical, sweet mezzo, to smoky, jazz-rooted alto, delivering haunting melodies and crafted lyrics full of evocative imagery and cinematic storytelling. Spacious mixing and production lend prismatic detail to the music's lush instrumentation. The result is a textured, layered sound that takes listeners on an ambient, often dark, and sometimes epic journey through drifting landscapes of emotion, strange places, and complex characters.

Blood Ruby is:
Cynthia Conrad (vocals)
Margaret Browning (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards)
Thomas Wall (guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, engineering)


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