Blood Ruby News - Issue #2
December 2003 - Web Edition

BAND NEWS - BR on the Radio / BR Audio Network
SONG NEWS - Babel Babel, He's Lost
WEBSITE NEWS - A Guided Tour of New Features
FORUM NEWS - The Blood Ruby Yahoo! Group


We've been making steady progress on our album and are planning to compile a five-song demo in the next month or so featuring a cross-section of our music. This will be distributed to a carefully selected list of Indie to midsize labels. Any suggestions about whom to approach and which songs to include would be greatly appreciated!

In addition to finishing existing songs, we're also writing new ones. Margaret and Thomas have been working on a new song featuring Margaret on lead vocals called "Sleepwalk" that we're all very excited about. It's already shaping up to be one of our best. Thomas also acquired some new equipment--a pair of Phantom Teardrop guitars, one a six-string, the other a twelve-string. As new instruments tend to do, they've inspired him to work on some additional new material.

Our songs have seen a small flurry of Indie radio airplay, along with an opportunity for additional Internet radio play. Both of this month's releases, Babel Babel and He's Lost, recently had their radio debut on 88.3 FM WXOU's "Hard Wired," a show that has also included The Night Tide on past playlists. (Thanks, Rob.) The Night Tide was also recently featured on the eclectic "Alter Nation" show on the Boston-area community station Allston-Brighton Free Radio 1670 AM. (Thanks, Scott.) In addition, one of last month's releases, Underwater Place, was chosen by the RRadio Network as a top Indie Rock offering for its network of online radio stations. More information about promotional opportunities for Indie artists through this unique marketing company can be found at (Thanks, Ken.)

Cynthia has uploaded the band's music to several new online music domains in response to the recent unexpected demise of For now, the band will continue to feature as its main download site, supplemented by a steady rotation of select songs at additional sites in the Blood Ruby Audio Network (more details on this below).

As usual, there’s a ton of exciting stuff to report, from new songs to new webpages and a busy forum, so read on for the latest Blood Ruby News…


This month's installment of new material, "Babel Babel" and "He's Lost," is posted at Here’s a quick description of each:

Babel Babel
Thomas wrote the basic instrumental tracks for this song about a year ago and it has evolved over time into one of our most complex songs. Cynthia chose the theme of the lyrics based on the "cosmopolitan" sound of the guitars in the chorus and wrote the vocal melody based on Thomas' lead guitar line in the verses. This song showcases Cynthia soaring in her upper range throughout the verses, contrasting nicely with Margaret's airy and melodic vocals in the choruses. Margaret's bass playing and overall musicianship--especially in the keyboard and guitar solos toward the end of the song--bring it all to a whole new level, as do the sampled satellite transmissions. A conceptual piece that keeps getting higher and deeper until the delightfully trippy "spaced-out" ending, the song is accompanied by some original artwork by Cynthia on the Blood Ruby website.

He's Lost
This is a Rubified version of a song originally written by Cynthia for the acoustic guitar. The band's arrangement features Thomas' heartfelt guitar solo and Margaret's dark backing vocals and "stressed-out" guitars on the final chorus. One of Cynthia's few confessional-style songs, the track explores the emotional paradox of codependency. The artwork accompanying this song on the Blood Ruby website is Margaret's first contribution to the band's visuals.

We're looking forward to posting an additional new song or two next month, so stay tuned!


Here’s a guided tour of recent updates and upgrades:

About Us
The band member section has been upgraded to include a new band bio, containing a continuing history of Blood Ruby's evolution.

The Songs page has been upgraded to feature a streaming playlist of Blood Ruby's songs (courtesy of and a link to the Blood Ruby Audio Network, a growing list of online music domains and other audio sites that feature the band's music. The individual song pages have also been upgraded so that streaming and download versions of the songs are more readily accessible.

We hope you enjoy exploring As we continue to expand our offerings, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you might have.


Thanks to all of you who have joined the Blood Ruby Yahoo! Group. We're having fun getting to know our listeners and sharing the Blood Ruby experience. If you haven't checked out this free forum yet, here's what you've been missing:

For details on how to join the Blood Ruby Yahoo! Group, visit our Mailing Lists page.

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