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Bands and Artists

Amber Spyglass     Analog Missionary     Ethereal     Halou     Hinterland     LaLaVox     Happy Rhodes     Siddal

"Amber Spyglass plays emotional darkwave that sounds like a mixture of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sky Cries Mary, ...and Claire Voyant. Gorgeous tapestries of sound blend aching acoustic guitar passages with electronic instrumentation, while Kelly's exquisite voice washes over the soundscape in dreamy, delirious patterns. ...(Moves) from the gentle, hypnotic lull of darkwave into more immediate, even urgent, passages, where the rhythms become (relatively) more aggressive and the soundscape thickens in density, transforming the latent energy lying beneath the sonic surface into a kinetic release." -- Tate Bengtston, CHAOTIC CRITIQUES

Analog Missionary plays progressive, ambient art rock. Their vast, multi-layered sound sweeps from grandiose movements of intense power to calmer moments of emotive introspection. Their sound has been characterized as sultry, acoustically complex, sonically textured, and eclectic. The band's strength is their ability to beautifully balance the fragile with the ferocious... singer Anstrom's voice has been described as a layer of voices, a vocal multiplicity that lifts and swoons, excites and calms, both hauntingly beautiful and deliciously exciting.

Ethereal is a modern Renaissance artist whose debut album, Mythillogical, is to the music scene what Grimm's Fairytales is to Disney. Delving into the deep inner workings of soul, Ethereal takes the language of human emotion and weaves a spell with her lyrics. The haunting vocals and driving beats draw the listener in to experience the darker side of love, lust and madness. She is truly an up and coming artist whose musical influences range from the poetic compositions of Tori Amos to the emotional catharsis of Evanescence.

Halou's releases include:
We Only Love You (Bedazzled, 1999) Featuring powerfully honest, unrequited female vocals, this album's ten tracks meander irreverently through drum and bass, abstract beats and sumptuously languid pop music.
Wiser (Nettwerk Records, 2001) The band's second release juxtaposes a core of electronic instrumentation with the organic nature of live cello, acoustic double bass, and drums. The result is crushing and delicate, electronic and emotional, intense and soothing.
Wholeness and Separation (Vertebrae, 2006) Luxurious strings, atmospheric textures from an array of instruments, infectious beats, and heartfelt vocals stretch this sonic collage across the spectrum of human emotion.

Hinterland plays a brand of atmospheric rock filled with ambient textures, organic rhythms, and haunting melodies. Ambient drones give way to cascading walls of star-gazing guitar rock, topped with sublime, angelic vocals. The quintet’s sound is made unique by the inclusion of a few decidedly non-standard elements, such as flute and oboe, along with an array of vintage and modern synthesizers. The guitars shimmer, drone, and chime, studiously avoiding six-string clichés. The rhythms are limber and tight, providing a solid foundation for the band’s sometimes-ethereal explorations.

Among other musical projects, graphic artist Laura Carleton a.k.a. LaLaVox has performed as a guest vocalist for Kuenstler Treu and Dauerfisch, and as a member of the duos Sea Of Tranquility and The LaLaVox Box. Of these, Sea of Tranquility has been described as "a sonic scientist with ultra modern laboratory facilities and his partner, a soprano of INCREDIBLY pure & transparent voice. …Esoteric the soundtrack for a surreal fever dream or even for an arty neo-post-impressionist foreign film that I can't make heads or tails of. …Sorta holographic ... alien & futuristic. Music full of complexity & nuance; vocals detached & floating. …Exceedingly highly recommended" (Kevyn Dymond, Anemic Billfold No.4). Check out a broad sampling of LaLaVox's video and audio work in the Music section of her website under the link Miss LaLaVox Sings.

An Indie icon of sorts, Happy Rhodes (her real name) has released 10 albums in her 20+ year career. Her music is otherworldly yet substantial and her four-octave voice has a haunting familiarity to it. Most listeners find her work difficult to describe and yet she incites an almost unheard of devotion among her fans, who have coined the term "Ecto" to describe her sound (and the sound of a growing league of other artists). As Happy's voice goes from Kate Bush highs to David Bowie lows, you find yourself being beckoned to follow her into her futuristic worlds.

A product of influences such as the Cocteau Twins, Low, Slowdive, The Cure, and Dead Can Dance, Siddal uses a blend of ambient, shoe-gazer style guitars, synths and sequenced rhythms, creating a sound which is often described as "Indie-Goth" with a "New Age" twist.


Auralgasms     The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music     Shoegaze Swicki     Tonevendor

Auralgasms is a web portal dedicated the the discovery and discussion of under-appreciated artists, particularly those in the genres of brit pop, dream pop, and electronica, as well as singer-songwriters and women singers.

The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music is a compilation of the many comments and recommendations about music and reviews of music made over the years by ectophiles everywhere. Ectophiles are members of the venerable fuzzy blue mailing list, ecto, which is a forum for the discussion of Happy Rhodes and many other, similar musical artists, particularly those that embody the combined qualities of artistic individuality and euphonic beauty. Warning: Excessive use of this site could lead to EWS (Empty Wallet Syndrome)!

The Shoegaze Swicki is a search engine for everything shoegaze and dreampop related. Please contribute to this growing resource!

Tonevendor, a division of indie label Clairecords, is an online music retailer specializing in shoegazer, twee pop, post rock, and other related genres.

Radio Shows

Auralgasms Radio     Big Sonic Heaven     Fast Forward Reverse     Flyweight     Hard Wired

Streaming 24/7, Auralgasms Radio features the best blend of Alternative music, specializing in a unique mix of dreampop, triphop, Brit pop, singer-songwriters, alternative flashbacks, and gems from alternative legends. Auralgasms Radio brings you the latest new releases and the most promising up and coming artists.

Big Sonic Heaven is a radio show on Indie 103.1 playing ethereal, dream-pop, electronic, shoegaze, electro-pop, and deep alternative. Big Sonic Heaven airs Monday-Thursday nights from 10pm-12am (PST) and is hosted, programmed and produced by Darren Revell. Originally broadcast from 1995-2003 in Detroit, the show now makes its Los Angeles debut. Listen to Indie 103.1 FM online at

Fast Forward Reverse is a radio show and podcast on the East Village Radio internet radio station. Hosted by Village Voice's 2007 Best East Village DJ award winner TimmyG, the show features shoegaze, indie rock/pop, ethereal, Brit Pop, post-rock, dreampop, post punk/new wave and altrock. The show airs every Saturday 8am-10am (EST).

Flyweight is a radio program spinning shoegaze, psych, dreampop, spacerock, drone, early post-rock, post-punk, paisley underground, C86 and other fuzzed-out bliss. It airs Thursdays 5-7pm EST on on WZBC 90.3 FM or online at and iTunes.

Hard Wired, broadcast on WXOU on Sundays 2am-4am and 5pm-7pm (EST) in the Rochester, MI listening area (and now live on the web in your listening area), spins the best in industrial, synth-pop, ambient-dub, ethereal, darkwave, gothic and Brit pop.

Club Nights

Club AC30     Club Violaine     Echo Wreck     DJ Darren Revell     Shimmer

Club AC30 is a record label and a regular live music night in London UK featuring shoegaze/dream-pop, post-rock and some electronica. The shows take place each 3rd Friday of the month at various venues including Water Rats, Kings Cross and also sometimes the Luminaire in Kilburn.

Club Violaine is Los Angeles' only shoegaze and ethereal club night, which takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month at Roberto's Club in Chinatown (686 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA). There are usually two rooms of music, one of which frequently features live bands.

Echo Wreck is a shoegaze, ethereal, dreampop, and noisepop club night hosted by DJs Kurt and Christoph every 3rd Thursday 11pm-4am upstairs at LIT (93 2ND AVE btw. 5th and 6th, New York City, NY).

Darren Revell, host of Big Sonic Heaven, hosts ongoing club nights in and around Los Angeles:
  • Ethereal dreampop, shoegaze and synthpop at The Standard Hollywood (8300 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA) every Sunday 10pm-2am
  • Shoegaze, dreampop, indie, britpop and post-punk at Good Luck Thursdays (Good Luck Bar, 1514 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA)

Shimmer is an occasional club night hosted by DJ Scary Lady Sarah of American Gothic Productions, spinning dream pop, shoegazer, heavenly voices, psychedelic, and darker, moodier indie music. Recent venues include Chicago's Elbo Room and Bottom Lounge.


Losing Today

Aiming to be the definitive guide to the alternative scene’s ever changing landscape, LOSINGTODAY is published quarterly and, what’s more, comes with an exclusive CD in each issue, showcasing the best cutting edge sounds rock/pop can offer. It has become an increasingingly indispensable reference for fans of the post rock, gothic and shoegazing movements. But Losing Today also goes beyond today's shoegazer bands and brings us the next generation of these wonderfully depressing souls.

Discussion Lists

AngelicVoices     Blisscent     blood-ruby     DreamPop-LOSINGTODAY     ecto     Electroambientdreampop

The AngelicVoices Yahoo! Group is dedicated to female vocalists of dreampop, triphop, shoegazer and electronica.

The Blisscent Yahoo! Group, run by indie label Blisscent Records, features discussion on a wide range of dreampop and shoegazer indie artists, including--but in no way limited to--their own artist roster.

The blood-ruby Yahoo! Group was created to provide a forum for personal communication between the band and their listeners. Members enjoy:
- Access to exclusive unreleased tracks, website archives, and in-depth information
- Pre-notification of new releases and band news
- Discussion about Blood Ruby and similar artists

The DreamPop-LOSINGTODAY Yahoo! Group discusses music in the genres of indiepop, shoegaze, dreampop, spacerock, lo-fi, ethereal and gothic.

The ecto mailing list quickly grew from a forum dedicated exclusively to the discussion of the music of Happy Rhodes to a place where fans of ectophilic music and art in general have gathered. Ectophiles the world over embrace music that embodies the combined qualities of artistic individuality and euphonic beauty. Ecto is a very special place that has introduced hundreds of people to music they never would have discovered otherwise, and given independent musicians help in starting down the road to success.

Electroambientdreampop is a discussion group and mail list with a focus on the search for new up-and-coming indie/downtempo/jazz/world artists that use electronic elements for creating songs.

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