The Blood Ruby Audio Network

Blood Ruby's songs are available for listening and/or download at a growing number of online and offline venues, including online music distribution sites (OMDs), radio shows, clubs, and podcasts and mp3 music blogs.

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Online Music Distribution Sites

Due to space limitations on many of these sites, song selection may vary. Blood Ruby has been featured on the following OMDs:


Clear Channel NMN

CTCentral Entertainment


Independent Artists Company



Podsafe Audio

Podsafe Music Network

Radio Shows

Music by Blood Ruby has been featured on the following radio shows:

88.3 FM WXOU "Hard Wired"

88.7 FM WNHU "Mandatory Feedback"

89.3 FM WCSB "i do what my husband tells me to"

98.9 WRFN-LPFM "Dark Star Rising"

Circle of Souls Pagan Radio

Cygnus Radio

DIY Endeavors Radio

Hiway Radio

Fredio Radio Network

Indie Radio Live

KXBG Birth of Radio

Live365 "Alter-Nation"

Lonewolfe Radio

M4 Radio

New Artist Radio "Rhino Hour"

NightRaven Radio "Dream Gaze"

Pagan Radio Network


Puget Sound Radio

Radio Brujas y Leyendas

Radio Worldwide "The Lucky Fokker Show"


Music by Blood Ruby has been featured in the following clubs and club nights:

Mephisto's Club & Lounge (Hamtramck, MI)

Shimmer (Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL)

Podcasts and MP3 Blogs

Music by Blood Ruby has been featured on the following podcasts and MP3 blogs:


$250 Million Radio Show #26


Bare FT (#30, #36, #52)

Becoming (theme music for podiobook segments on The Immortal Book 1 by JJ Dewey, Chapters 9-20)

Before the Dawn Podcast

bitjobs for the masses!

Bloody Rose Podcast


both sides of the surface

The ByteTalk Podcast (#6, #10, #11)

Cactus Killer Radio

Caffeine Headache

Caffi Nation

Christiana Talks About Stuff

Circle of the Great Spirit

Dark Gate Horror Podcast

Dave's Lounge (#26, #92)

Defenestrate Your Mind

the delicate art of noise pollution #4

Dissidencias Sonoras (#3, #20)

Eclectic Pagan

Eclectic Mix (feature)

Electrical Language

endless shouting matches with yourself 6/4/07

Famous for 15MB #8

Fingers In the Nose (7/4/05, 8/6/05)

Financial Aid News Podcast

FML Jukebox (#2, #8, #13, #23, #28, #31, #37, #45, #50, #56, #62)


Free Earth Radio

Geek Dating 101 (1/1/06, 1/7/06)

Giselle of the Pine Nuts

Global Domination with GD and Laura-C (8/15/05, 8/26/05, 9/21/05)

Goddess Radio (2/3/07, 2/10/07, 3/31/07, 5/19/07)

Half Girl Half Biscuit (11 Temmuz 2006)

Happy Phantom (8/28/05, 9/2/05, 9/30/05, 12/2/05, 1/6/06, 4/21/06)

Hits in the Car

iPod Nirvana (9/4/05, 9/12/05)

Jim Guittard’s Place

Kutaki no Ha

Lafayette Sports Weekly (9/2/05)

Life Science Nexus

Mark Harvey's World

Mars Needs Guitars

The Mental Nomad Podcast

Misfit Brew (#4, #7)

Mixtape Metropolis


MWS Media Radio Show (8/27/05, 9/23/05)

New Music Lab

Opinionated Ramblings

Pagan Clarion Podcast

Passing Notes (8/25/05)

PC Podcast with Pete Cogle


Phonic Rapture (feature, #5, #6, #8, #9, #12)

Podgy's Tokyo Talk (#39,#51)


Polarbear Podcast

Radio Bong (#12, #14)

Radio.Speljamr (8/4/05, 1/9/06)

Reaching for Lucidity

RockCast Italia (#10, #41)

Rock Sellout

Rubyfruit Radio #75

Scents of Magic (#1)

Shades of K

Shoegazer Alive

The Short Bald One

Sleeperberth Cast (theme music, airplay 8/31/05, 9/20/05, 12/27/05, 1/7/06, 1/8/06, 2/19/06, feature 10/2/05)

SpudShow (band feature)

TruckerLlews Views (8/7/05, 8/10/05)

The War On Democracy #6

The Write Stuff (8/5/05, 8/23/05, 9/16/05, 1/4/06, 1/11/06)

X Pat Radio (10/19/05,11/2/05)

Zaldor's World

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